14 February 2014

Job Hunting

Holla people,

i bet most are you are here for some job hunting helps and guides, well you'll never be wrong. I'll try my best to provide some info on companies to ease your job hunting. Well here we go..

Oil and Gas

  • Operator/Client
  1. Petronas - http://www.discoverpetronas.com/
  2. Shell - https://krb-xjobs.brassring.com/TGWebHost/home.aspx?partnerid=30030&siteid=5564
  3. Exxonmobil - https://sjobs.brassring.com/1033/asp/tg/cim_home.asp?partnerid=6961&siteid=5318 , recruitment.my@exxonmobil.com (for exxonmobil, click on search opening, and directly click search) 
  4. JX Nippon Oil Gas Exploration - http://www.nex.jx-group.co.jp/english/recruit/index.html
  5. Talisman - https://career4.successfactors.com/career?company=Talisman
  6. Chevron - https://www.chevron.apply2jobs.com/ , hrmalaysia@chevron.com
  7. ConocoPhillips - http://careers.conocophillips.com/en/ , HRMalaysia@conocophillips.com 
  8. UMW - https://recruitment.umw.com.my/hrrec/
  9. Carigali Hess - sharifahasa@carigalihess.com , job@carigalihess.com
  10. Lundin Petroleum - recruitment@lundinmalaysia.com
  11. BP - Stops engineering operation in Malaysia, only for finance, ICT https://careers.bpglobal.com/2057/ASP/TG/cim_searchresults.asp?PartnerID=25078&SiteID=5012&AgentID=7085606&Function=runquery , christine.ryepun@se1.bp.com
There's a lot more operator/client companies in the industries..but these are the companies with current operation in Malaysia..any further additional companies will be added later..


30 October 2012

Type of Bosses

Having delve into the business world? You might had faced few bosses who are sometimes being too relaxed and sometimes being too strict? or bosses who didn't care what are you doing as long the job is done..each of them carries different personalities and this can be explained as in this article. As for me, I quite agree about this article based on my experiences working in few organizations.

The Old-Timer Boss
This type of boss has been in the industry for quite some time and really knows what it takes to be in the business. He/she almost at the peak of his/her career. The good thing about him/her is they are easy going especially if close to retirement. The not so good part is we will easily get bored of his/her thousands of tales. When you are dealing with this type of boss, maintain strong patience, keep on smiling as though you are listening and being with him, instead take that precious time dreaming of something else and plan your future undertaking or maybe dream of your wife, husband, kids, girlfriend or boyfriend.

The Tyrant Boss
This type of boss thinks that empowerment means allowing management to give instruction. The normally have that thought that they are the one alone controller of the organization. The good thing about this boss is they have no problem in making decision, but the not so good part is, the decision made is often wrong. This type of boss will not listen much of what you want to give or suggest, so the best thing when dealing of such boss, keep quiet and just do your job.

The Pen Pusher Boss
This type of boss believes that the world would fall apart if there are no rules and regulations. The good thing about this boss is that he/she is highly expected and this makes you easier to manipulate. The not so good part is that you will not be able to show your fullest creativity. When you are with this kind of boss, keep all actions within the framework of what is been done in the history. And document everything and share it with everyone.

The Over Rated Boss
This type of boss is normally got over-promoted and has no thought of what to do next. This type of boss normally gets others to make decision and tend to agrees with it without much solid ground over it. The good thing about this boss is he/she will probably get downgraded or fired soon and will eventually create an opportunity for you. The not so good thing is he/she will remain in his/her place if you assist him/her out too much. If dealing with such boss, the best thing to do is do your own job and prepare your project proposal in advance, try to leap him/her to get approval of it. Sooner or later he/she will realize how ‘not so good’ him/her and will eventually give you way.

The Futurist Boss
This type of boss generates a reality-distortion ground that resulting people consider the doubtful and usually originated in high-tech and biotech surroundings. The good thing of him/her is he/she can be highly inspirational, especially if we have got founder’s stock. The not so good thing is shouting at people who are not with him/her. If you have this type of boss, definitely you will not have a life. If you are ready to commit your life for it, this is the best boss for you.

The Mountaineer Boss
This type of boss often desperately wants to get to the top. The good think about him/her is that you may have the opportunity to get promoted when he is upgraded. The not so good is that you are nothing less than being a rung on his hierarchy to triumph. You should not try to make him look bad, or else… Try to make sure that the boss knows you understand your role in making him look good.

The Socialist Boss
This type of boss thinks of the corporate environment as a community of stakeholders. They often see things at non-profits way and will also aim for healthcare everywhere. The good thing about this boss is that they are pleasant and friendly. The not so good thing is that they will try to avoid committing or making decision that might create conflicts. This type of boss may become grouchy when under pressure. In dealing with such boss, you have to build peace & harmony. Make sure everyone is with you before making any step and the main criteria is always be good to him/her.

The Propeller-head Boss
This type of Boss used to be a top performer in engineering sector. He/she prefers to interact via email and try to avoid face to face. He/she will have that thought that others are not as good as him/her or can be considered as an idiot. This type of boss will try to relate everything with technological environment. The tips is become and expert in high complicated technology and show to him/her that you are in the same direction with him/her.

The Chopper Boss
This type of boss is normally hired to downsize your organization. They will try to fire or make them resign as much as possible, as soon as possible. There is nothing much good thing for employee but for the company, who knows. The not so good thing is that this type of boss is really good of what he is hired to do. So, when dealing with this type of boss, the best thing that you should do is start updating your resume as chances of you being out is very high.

The Hero of the Day Boss
This type of Boss is so capable and conversant, yet easy to work with. They will try to help staff to learn and grow an actually have thought that manager is exist to guide the staff to be successful. But, this type of boss normally gets easily promoted and will leave you very soon. The best thing to do when dealing with this type of boss is enjoy it while you can and try to prove that you are actually have that same or almost same quality that he/she posses, and pray that he/she bring you along when he/she gets better job or promotion.

Credit to : http://www.graduan2u.com/2011/12/06/type-of-bosses/

09 February 2012

Dr M tells West to live with its new poverty

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8 — Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today gave debt-ridden Europe advice on how to deal with its newfound “poverty”: Live with it.
The outspoken Umno veteran told the BBC World Service’s Business Daily in an interview that Europe must follow Asia’s lead and face up to the new economic reality or risk prolonging the euro zone sovereign debt crisis.
“Europe... has lost a lot of money and therefore you must be poor now relative to the past,” he said.
“And in Asia we live within our means. So when we are poor, we live as poor people. I think that is a lesson that Europe can learn from Asia.”
Dr Mahathir pointed out that European leaders were in a state of denial as they refused to acknowledge how much money had been lost in the crisis.
He said the situation could not be fixed by printing more money, and urged the European governments to instead focus on the long, slow process of restructuring their economies away from reliance on the financial sector.
“I think you should go back to doing what I call real business — producing goods, providing services, trading — not just moving figures in bank books, which is what you are doing,” he said.
Commodities like coffee could be made into tangible derivative products while the same could not be said of currency, which was “just figures in the books of banks”, Dr Mahathir said.
“There must be something solid to trade, then you can legitimately make money,” he said in typically blunt fashion.
But he warned that Europe’s road to economic recovery would be a long and painful one, and the region would have to spend years rebuilding its capacity to produce goods and services to the world.
He jokingly added that while his advice may be difficult to swallow, Asia had also received its share of tough messages from Europe previously.
“We used to get tough messages from you before, remember? And now, what is the result? Sometimes you undermined our currency and we became very poor.
“Well, we learn from each other. We were Eurocentric before. I think it should be a little bit Asia-centric now,” he said.

14 July 2011

Singapore : Why they are more developed than us?

Hello and greeting to all fellow readers. Quite since i've written in this blog and now i will speak about a topic that just discussed in my ITM class. The topic quite interesting to me as we heard a lot of news about what had happened between us and them but still we did not learn and practice as they do. Why Singaporeans are better than us? I'm not speaking behalf of any part, but this is my concerns so that we can take better steps in the future.

Why are they better than us??

1) They have the brain

It is admitted that their country in not bigger than Perlis, our smallest state, but they managed to get worldwide and attracts outsiders to their country. To be frankly said, most of the westerners get to know Singapore better than Malaysia. They optimized their limited resources and to build their business with the help of outsiders. They know, without outsiders, they can't survive. So they loosen their citizenship rules and given it to those outsiders that can really give something to the nation

2) Outsourcing

Their land are small, surrounded by sea water with size only 694 square kilometers, but how they can developed? They are doing outsourcing on their business. They attract foreign investors, foreign labor to come to their country  with promising prospect of business to go on. They go worldwide for business development such as opening few factories in neighboring countries, import and export beyond the Asian pacific, even bought land and industries in China to get their business keep moving. They did not depend on their mainland to do all these things.

3) Leader playing their role

Singaporean leaders are using their brain very well. When they go for official visit in certain countries, they did not go there for fun. They observed and make the country as example so that they can apply in their motherland. They use the opportunity to be in first world country, grabbed the idea, plan, and method, and put them in their country. This steps can be seen in our former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir. When he went for visit in foreign countries, he will come back with business opportunities, contracts, and also ideas to be applied in Malaysia

These are the points that I think are reasons why we see that Singapore are better than us. Let think about this and i appreciate any of your comments or discussions on this matters. Thank you.

24 April 2011

University Rank: Where is UTP ?


Based on recent survey of the best universities/colleges in Malaysia for 2011, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)  had strengthen their seat at the top place followed by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) which ranked at the 3rd place of top 100 universities/colleges in Malaysia.

Where is Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS? 

UTP is ranked at 17th in this list and at 2154th rank among the top global universities/colleges. Some of you may be thinking why UTP known as one of the best engineering university are at 17th rank.

Actually there are many factors or qualifications to decide at what level the university would be. Some of the factors are the popularity of the institutions among the student, the academic performance of students, preferable universities by lecturers, human resources survey,  and also how significant the researches and scholars produced by the universities affect the global communities.

Few reasons why UTP are not as top as the other 3 universities in Malaysia. Some of them are:

  1. UTP are only 14 years from it's first accreditation year (1997) compared to the others which may reach 25, 50 or even 100 years. The analogy just like an infant compared to an adult. Difference in years of establishment resulting differences on the products by the universities, academic experiences, and also the performance of particular university.
  2. Basically, UTP are not generally qualified to be compared to those top universities. You may wondering why? Because UTP only introduces two faculties which are Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Science and Technology. How many faculties are there in USM, UKM, UM ? Count it by yourself. The more faculties that uni have, the various researches and scholars that uni produces. Relatively, we can't compete with them.
  3. We are private uni. They are government uni. They receive more allocations and financial aids more than us. If not mistaken, they are allocated with an amount of money by the government for the university's development and researches conducted. 
  4. We only have 6,000 - 7,000 students with 500 - 600 academic staffs while UM for example, have more than 45,000 students with about 4,500 academic staffs. This information shows us that we are a very small university in term of students and staffs capacity. Thus, the ratio for graduates and researches in each faculties within UTP are obviously less compared to the other universities.   

These are my opinions only based on the info provided in the internet and also my readings. Feel free to comment your own opinion if there any. Thanks.

Few references


01 April 2011

Pahang : A New Chernobyl ?

Rare earth refinery in Kuantan

Not all knows that an Australian company, Lynas is building the world's largest rare earth refinery in Gebeng Industrial area in Kuantan, Malaysia and I bet some of you doesn't know what is "rare earth". Let me make a brief intro to you about the element called rare earth. It is an ground-source element consists of a few chemical elements found in periodic table. It's rare to be found and can only be found at the Earth's crust.

As I stated above, an advanced technological company called Lynas from Australia are responsible for the $230 million rare earth refinery project in Kuantan. Based on my readings, the rare earth material are not deposited directly in Kuantan, but at Mount Weld situated in Australian desert, 2500 miles away from Kuantan. The ore deposited will be transported to nearby port, Fremantle and shipped to Kuantan for refinery processes.

For your information, rare earth materials are having high demands around the world despite of its radioactive effects. This materials will be processed to manufacture cars' body, bombs, and also to produce electronic gadget's casing. This materials also had become more important to technology manufacturing of the high quality possessed by that element.

China is the main producer of rare earth currently with 95% of rare earth materials supply in the world came from that Great's Wall country. The demands of this material expected to exceed 40,000 tonnes a year and if this situation maintains, the refinery in Malaysia will produce about $ 1.7 billion exports, equals to approximately just 1% of Malaysian's economy. This increasing demands had triggered a company to reopens their abandoned rare earth mine in California.

Malaysian Government will be rich if things are going well and the demands increase the exports of this material but the negative effects of this industry are bit disastrous. The ore deposited from the mine are considered to have little amount of radioactive content and those refinery processes of rare earth will produce hundreds or thousands of tonnes of low-level radioactive wastes. Malaysian Atomic Energy Licensing Board stated that reviews were done and indicated that the imported ores and wastes produced are in low radioactive level thus it's manageable and safe. 

Although rare earth material are highly demanded in various industries, not all countries brave enough to operate this refinery. The same refinery plant at Bukit Merah, Perak closed in 1992 after violent demonstrations by citizens nearby protesting its polluting effects. The pollutions caused leukemia and birth defects to the residents as it contains carcinogen. Now, Japanese company, Mitsubishi Corporation which operated the refinery, engaged a $100 Million cleanup at the one of Asia’s largest radioactive waste cleanup sites.

So,does the decision to open the world's largest rare earth refinery in Kuantan really benefits us as Malaysians or brings more harm than good?      

courtesy of New York Times : http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/09/business/energy-environment/09rare.html

31 March 2011

Disaster : Victim or Victimiser

The world now are not back 10 or 20 years ago. The world we are living now had produced insane challenges to the peoples in their daily routines. The world now are getting more and more irrational as time being. Are this the world that we want ?

Peoples destroy themselves. 80 years ago, this world were excited to found plutonium and uranium that produce a powerful energy called nuclear. Nuclear energy at that time seemed to be a new source of energy that will exposed the future technologies into a new level. Researches and experiments are conducted by years and the results were amazing. Some countries used it as source of power generation, and some used it for technology development in military areas and plant processes. When the scientists talk about the prospect of renewable energy, this nuclear energy will be the first to cross our mind, followed by geothermal, biomass, solar, hydro-power and others.

But now, the thing that we were proud for kills ourselves. What happened in 1986, where nuclear power plant in Chernobyl had killed more than 4000 lives and caused severe illness and long-range effects on living things. Instead of that, nuclear energy kept moving on with more and more power plants operating nuclear energy around the world until the latest tragedy in Fukushima, Japan, where the nuclear reactors undergo massive defects caused by the great earthquake measured at 9.0-Ritcher scale. The earthquake and tsunami had damaged the electrical power supply to the reactors and caused malfunctioning of the cooling systems and thus caused explosions at two of the reactors.

As the results, residents range about 30km were evacuated to safer place and the radioactive readings at 10km-radius and 20km-radius are quite high. Radiation were detected even in US which is hundreds miles away and spreading towards nearby countries.

Are these what we want ? What will happened to our grandchildren if we are the one responsible for their lives ? 

Abraham Lincoln once said (correct me if I'm wrong) :

I didn't want to know what happened to my great grandparent,
but I care what will be happened to my grandchildren