14 July 2011

Singapore : Why they are more developed than us?

Hello and greeting to all fellow readers. Quite since i've written in this blog and now i will speak about a topic that just discussed in my ITM class. The topic quite interesting to me as we heard a lot of news about what had happened between us and them but still we did not learn and practice as they do. Why Singaporeans are better than us? I'm not speaking behalf of any part, but this is my concerns so that we can take better steps in the future.

Why are they better than us??

1) They have the brain

It is admitted that their country in not bigger than Perlis, our smallest state, but they managed to get worldwide and attracts outsiders to their country. To be frankly said, most of the westerners get to know Singapore better than Malaysia. They optimized their limited resources and to build their business with the help of outsiders. They know, without outsiders, they can't survive. So they loosen their citizenship rules and given it to those outsiders that can really give something to the nation

2) Outsourcing

Their land are small, surrounded by sea water with size only 694 square kilometers, but how they can developed? They are doing outsourcing on their business. They attract foreign investors, foreign labor to come to their country  with promising prospect of business to go on. They go worldwide for business development such as opening few factories in neighboring countries, import and export beyond the Asian pacific, even bought land and industries in China to get their business keep moving. They did not depend on their mainland to do all these things.

3) Leader playing their role

Singaporean leaders are using their brain very well. When they go for official visit in certain countries, they did not go there for fun. They observed and make the country as example so that they can apply in their motherland. They use the opportunity to be in first world country, grabbed the idea, plan, and method, and put them in their country. This steps can be seen in our former PM, Tun Dr Mahathir. When he went for visit in foreign countries, he will come back with business opportunities, contracts, and also ideas to be applied in Malaysia

These are the points that I think are reasons why we see that Singapore are better than us. Let think about this and i appreciate any of your comments or discussions on this matters. Thank you.


  1. so, after this, can you bring me travelling to Singapore? hehehe :)

  2. insyaAllah..can meet my cousin there