26 January 2011

It is worthwhile ?

I bet all out there must be experienced in doing something no matter big or small, involved a groups of people, regardless you managed it or you're the part of who done it. In doing all those things, do you ever crossed your mind that the thing you done is worth doing it ?    

Some of us doing something just to get fun of it. I agreed with this because this is the time we are enjoying the little we had. If the main purpose of the thing that you're organizing is to make everybody enjoyed it, it is ok not to take it seriously and do it with relaxing mood. However, if you're doing something that you think is important to part of community  and involved their serious participation, why do you need to organize it for fun ?

This question keep striking my head when I see peoples organizing something that need participation outsiders. Lets take a minute and think. You want people to get involved in your event or project and hope that the participants are really enjoyed and gained great things from your event/program, but you as the organizer done it just for granted and speak to yourself " I've done this..i don't want to know what are the feedbacks but the only thing i know that is my responsibility is over.... "  

You can put it in your achievement of the year if you successfully organized something and you can be proud of it. However, behind the scenes all those thing looks very peculiar. The purpose of you doing it is to give something for the participants to be remembered but it turns out to be the participants get nothing and you need to bear the financial loss because of low interest from the public.

You may not agree with me of what I'm writing but this is what I've seen for the past years of my experiences.  If you can realize how much the things go on and off in our daily lives that needs careful planning for better prospect in future.


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