31 March 2011

Disaster : Victim or Victimiser

The world now are not back 10 or 20 years ago. The world we are living now had produced insane challenges to the peoples in their daily routines. The world now are getting more and more irrational as time being. Are this the world that we want ?

Peoples destroy themselves. 80 years ago, this world were excited to found plutonium and uranium that produce a powerful energy called nuclear. Nuclear energy at that time seemed to be a new source of energy that will exposed the future technologies into a new level. Researches and experiments are conducted by years and the results were amazing. Some countries used it as source of power generation, and some used it for technology development in military areas and plant processes. When the scientists talk about the prospect of renewable energy, this nuclear energy will be the first to cross our mind, followed by geothermal, biomass, solar, hydro-power and others.

But now, the thing that we were proud for kills ourselves. What happened in 1986, where nuclear power plant in Chernobyl had killed more than 4000 lives and caused severe illness and long-range effects on living things. Instead of that, nuclear energy kept moving on with more and more power plants operating nuclear energy around the world until the latest tragedy in Fukushima, Japan, where the nuclear reactors undergo massive defects caused by the great earthquake measured at 9.0-Ritcher scale. The earthquake and tsunami had damaged the electrical power supply to the reactors and caused malfunctioning of the cooling systems and thus caused explosions at two of the reactors.

As the results, residents range about 30km were evacuated to safer place and the radioactive readings at 10km-radius and 20km-radius are quite high. Radiation were detected even in US which is hundreds miles away and spreading towards nearby countries.

Are these what we want ? What will happened to our grandchildren if we are the one responsible for their lives ? 

Abraham Lincoln once said (correct me if I'm wrong) :

I didn't want to know what happened to my great grandparent,
but I care what will be happened to my grandchildren


  1. So lets be a good parenthood for out next generation... Don't be selfish by doing those kind of things that might hurt environment and maybe our future generation ^_^

  2. people nowadays just thinking for greed among themselves without any concerns to the nature lives. How pity they are.