03 March 2011

When we called it part of designing...

Quite annoying to learn something that needs the responses from a can-think-but-cannot-talk machine, which is a a computer. We try to understand you and do work as we want you to do but it seems that you are more stubborn than we are. Funny isn't when you realize that a powerful machine like computer is actually a dump of stupid components put together to become a stupid thing operated. You might not really understand what on earth did I'm saying just now. But believe me, after you try to operate this software in your computers, I bet you will be far more understand what I said.

Actually, I as a mechanical engineering student need to take this course as our basic designing course after CAD ( Computer-Aided Design). But this course is relatively the same but with extra word, CAED which stands for Computer-Aided Engineering Design.

This is an important course in the field of engineering as it requires you to visually designs parts, components, or even the whole machine for the project modeling process.

This are the information about the CAED software called CATIA by Dassault System. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CATIA

This are the pictures of the software's interface.

courtesy from wikipedia.com/catia

It is indeed a powerful software which can create from a simple box (3D-generated view) to model design in various industries such as automotive, transportation, and others.

Seem simple to use it but as for beginner, it is really hard for me to design complex objects and model.

one of the main use of this software in  automotive industries

Until here for now,  I will update with the engineering process and experiments in the next posts. Thanks.


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